Welcome to Dr. Harinandan Thakur Village Community Centre, Village – Purushottampur, District – Muzaffarpur, State – Bihar , India

India is a country of villages and more than 70% of its population lives in villages. Our economy is mainly based on agriculture, which is the main source of income for the livelihood of major population in our country. Our real development is only possible when the people from rural areas especially the unprivileged class can get better facilities, basic amenities, good quality of life such as clean drinking water, quality education, better job opportunities working under hygienic condition at their door steps. Rural to urban migration is the root cause of many problems in our society. Big cities are not capable of handling the influx of labor, greedy politicians do not miss any opportunity to create and increase animosity against foreign migrant labours, students, business men from other states, countries ( Bangladesh, Nepal ) in the most part of our country whether it’s Mumbai which is so called economic capital of the country or even in remotest north east state Assam which is rich in natural resource but has very poor track record in ethnic violence. Thats’s why we are building a big infrastructure especially in village to initiate various projects for the overall community development in Purushottampur village in Bihar under the name of our honourable grand father Dr. Harinandan Thakur so that the people from this village and near by surrounding areas, adjacent villages can have a better future. Our objective is to set up a community centre where people from every strata of the rural society can avail the best facilities at affordable price, get an opportunity of skill enhancements to get better jobs and compete with the other competitors from affluent families. Primary health care centre , Kinder Garden , Library cum study centre, Computer training centre, promoting hindi music arts indian classical dance yoga etc. are few of them. It’s not an easy task which can be accomplished overnight, in fact very challenging, capital intensive, complexity to manage day to day oprations in our strong cast , religion based devided society, definitely going to be a very tuff challenging long journey and it might take several years to transform the long term vision in reality and can help build a better future of the rural community in the best possible way. I also appeal to everybody to invest in their own villages for the better future of the rural society of their own village. No matter how small it may be but a very small initiative taken by every individuals can change the entire nation one day and it can set an example to the policy makers of our country.